Frontier Golf Simultros Case Study Discussion

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You will select two case studies from list below. They will be found in your textbook.

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1. Tooheys

2. Satisfaction with Mass Marketing

3. Frontier Golf Simulators

After reading each case, respond in detail to its questions. Make sure that you answer all parts of the question. Use information taken from the course and from other courses and personal knowledge when developing your responses. You must also utilize at least one reference taken from the internet to help support your ideas and answers. Each response will be graded on the your ability to assimilate information from the course correctly into each answer. Consideration of the completeness of the response will also contribute toward the final assignment grade. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are gradable elements of your work.

Your assignment should use double line spacing, 12 size, Times New Roman font. 2-Pages for each case.

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