GRAD LEVEL HRM Essay/Discussion Board, 500 words minimum, APA, Reference. Instruction Below.

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Situation/Subject: Change in New Employee Orientation and Training (I will be looking at initial training such as OSHA, and Equipment)

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I use to work for as a Supervisor for OSRAM Sylvania, and we had an issue with the new employee orientation and training. For one, I believe the company lost its vision, and the leadership was just trying to fill gaps quickly due the holiday season approaching in the next 90 days. For anyone who isn’t aware, Sylvania produces light bulbs. The HR would just toss forms out at the new employees to sign and them have initial off on OSHA required training saying they read over and understood the information. There was no real New Orientation Schedule for an employee regardless if they were management or not. Employees were unaware how benefits worked, what safety requirements were mandated training, and they had no set training schedule on equipment to be certified. It was all pencil whipped along with people not being fully trained on equipment that could lead to a serious injury. In my project, I want to clearly define the problems with orientation to include training, and show a solution that will change how the company will fix this to avoid taking risks and shortcuts.


Two scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your response.

Video to watch:…

Let’s talk about culture. My culture. Your culture. Our culture. Other’s culture. Understanding culture is fundamental to formulating and implementing change. Culture is a determining factor in the success of any change initiative.

Discuss your organization’s culture by using the Cultural Web and any other tools you think are useful. You can talk about your school, church, work, or any organization that is relatively stable. The most valuable exercise for you, however, would be to use the organization you selected for your project (which is posted above).

This Discussion Board is an all or nothing assignment. You either receive full credit or none at all. There is no partial credit. To receive ANY credit for the discussion board, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Do NOT describe or restate the content of the discussion reading or video. Instead, choose one or two points that you find interesting/important and elaborate on those points in your discussion.
  2. A minimum response is 500 words.
  3. ****Every initial response is required to include, minimum, two scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your response. Our library allows you to choose these settings to help you find appropriate research to support your work.
  4. Do NOT use, wiki-anything,,,, blogs, or any other generic answer base, because you cannot verify the accuracy of the information on the website. Instead, search our extensive library databases to find articles that have contain verified information to support your discussion. If you find a blog from a notable source, you can include that information, but the blog will not count as one of your scholarly references.
  5. There are several articles in Course Documents and Web Links that you can, and should, use as references to support your discussions.
  6. Every response must be completed in APA style. That includes all citations, both in text and reference, and format. This includes indented paragraphs, font size, and other particulars that you will find specified in the APA manual. You will find an example of a paper written in APA style in Course Materials. Also, the APA style manual is a required text for this course. Discussion boards do not require cover pages, tables of content, and other front matter, and can be copied and pasted from a draft page, such that attachments are not necessary.
  7. You must respond to at least one other student’s Discussion Board. You are required to actively communicate with other students in this class.
  8. The initial post for each week’s discussion board is due by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. Wise students respond much earlier in the week and stay involved.
  9. There are no discussion boards in week 1 or week 9, because these are the weeks for preparation and the final exam.
  10. Technique counts, so be sure to proof read your posts for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other technical issues that can impact communication quality. If you are not a strong writer, you can contact the Writing Center for help toward improving your work.
  11. I always suggest that students write their discussion board posts in Word or other word processing software rather than directly into Blackboard. This allows you to save your work and to make corrections before you post your work publicly. Blackboard has, regrettably, been known to eat some thoughtful and insightful responses simply because the response did not load correctly.
  12. Again, if you do not meet all of these requirements, you will not receive any credit for the discussion board. Below, you will see a checklist that will help you insure that your work meets graduate standards and decreases the likelihood that you will suffer oversights.

DB Checklist


Did I discuss rather than describe the original content?

Is my post 250 words or more?

Did I cite the original content as well as two scholarly sources to support my work?

Did I support my discussion with reliable sources only?

Did I integrate course and text material?

Did I adhere to APA style?

Did I respond to two other students in their discussion boards?

Did I respond to all questions and comments in my discussion board?

Was my initial response posted by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m.?

Did I proofread and make corrections prior to posting?

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