Grant Selection

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-Watch the audio version of the Grants/FOA Power Point. (Uploaded) …

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-Write an essay about which three grants you want and which one you don’t – upload it in the “Grant Choice” assignment link. The specific directions and rubric are found under this link.

-You will need to write an essay on what grants you want and don’t want. Before you begin writing, think about the available grants. Think about the ones you want and don’t want. Think about why you want or don’t want each grant. You will now write an essay about the three you want the most AND the one you definitely don’t want.

Before you begin…at the top of your essay, you need to list from 1-6 the grants from the most to least appealing to you (there are abbreviations at the bottom of this page). One (1) will be the one in which you are most interested, two (2) will be second…and you will continue to six (6) which will be the one you don’t want. You will list them on the top of your essay page.… and then choose the best 3 choices and write the whole essay about them..

Your essay must have:

An introductory paragraph.

Then probably one paragraph for each of three grants in which you are interested (from most to least interested). Explain why you are interested in each of the three grants.

An explanation of the one grant you definitely do not want.

  • A summary paragraph at the end.

Use these abbreviations for you essay.

Asthma Disparity-USE Asthma Elder Abuse-USE EldAB

Diabetes Prevention-USE T2D Maternal/Child Health-USE MCH

Campus Violence -USE CV Drug Addiction-USE BCOR

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