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Students will conduct research on an area of interest from the chapters covered in the learning units.  Students are to identify, analyze and evaluate key concepts provided in the research literature.  This means online articles, encyclopedias, and other non-academic sources will not be acceptable.  Students are to explore how this area of interest applies to the military profession, their specific career field, or to their future personal and professional objectives.  The research will be compiled and presented to the class on the last two days of the course.  The presentation is expected to follow a logical flow. The presentation should be a minimum of 9 minutes and no more than 10 minutes.  Ideally, there should be 9 minutes of content and 1 minute left for questions.  Students may use video in the presentation provided any video use is not more than 20% of the total presentation time. The presentation should have a title slide, overview slide (showing what will be covered), and clear transition slides between topics, conclusion slide, question slide and reference slide.  Two references, not including the text, must be used and can be listed on individual slides. A grading rubric will be provided in week 1’s folder in Blackboard’s course room.  There will not be any partial credit for this assignment based on the rubric.

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