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The purpose of this assignment is for you to make connections between current events and the past. Look for “history-worthy” articles that will relate to the studies in this class. Everything is eventually history, but of special note for you would be looking for currents events that relate to the law; Supreme Court cases; gender, class or race issues; or Constitutional issues (particularly the Bill of Rights).

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  • Article length: 1 column inch by at least 9 inches or one printed page from the internet (without images/ads)
  • Source: Trusted news sources as listed below
  • Article type: news or feature (no sports, entertainment, fashion, celebrity stories, opinion pieces, editorials, etc.)
  • Article must be within 30 days

You will find news articles and relate them to the history we are studying. You must cut the article out of the newspaper or print it from a website and attach it to your synopsis of the article. How does it remind you of a previous event, a class reading, a law, or a Supreme Court case we’ve studied? This is what makes it significant so be sure to link the past to the present.

  1. D. – Title of Article, news source, byline (who wrote it?)
  2. E(xplain) In a sentence or two, summarize the article


  • S(ignificance) – how can you connect this article to something specific we’re studying in history? Connect the article to a specific event, person, primary source, law or court case and describe how it is relevant to our study of history.

Be concise – Your paper should be no more than one page in length.

Be specific – Do not generalize the significance (i.e. relating it to the Colonial Era).

Be precise – Follow the instructions and Writing Tips for guidelines and proofread.

Cut out the article and staple it to your typed summary of the article (if flimsy, please tape it to another piece of paper). Cut out or write the name and date of the news source if it is not attached to the article. Please staple paper, article, and rubric (in this order). Use your Writing Tips handout to be certain you can earn full credit for writing mechanics.

Follow a MLA format (header, one-inch margins, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double-spaced etc.) and include citations (as appropriate). Bring your typed, printed, stapled paper to class and submit online through CANVAS. For MLA formatting assistance use:

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