Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Teamwork Is Important In a Workplace Environment.

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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Teamwork Is Important In a Workplace Environment.

Workplace bullying is said to be overt if it occurs openly and is seen by everyone or covert if the bully works behind the scenes so as not to be detected.

The issue of bullying in the workplace came to light after we received several complaints in the anonymous feedbacks of the recently concluded survey on the workplace environment and how it is impacting the employee output. Many comments had complaints by junior employees getting bullied by their seniors. For instance, one complaint talked about how one supervisor has a habit of making some of his juniors feel psychologically abused by labeling them as inferior. This affects the ability of Company X to work in unison as a team as it reduces employee morale which is not limited to an individual (Field 2014, p. 2). The aim of this report is to provide a proper framework for the eradication of this issue in Company X.

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Possible causes

The main reason for the targeting of an individual may be that the target is a skilled worker and a good employee. The bully views the target as a threat to his or her job when he sees that the target is performing a good service which makes them eligible for promotion (Field 2014, p. 1). The target may also be a popular character in the workplace who may not be playing very well with the bully who resorts to mistreatment in the hopes of making others dislike him or her. Another cause of targeting is the vulnerability of the target. This is mainly because the bully knows that there is less likely that the target will respond. Stereotyping of employees due to certain aspects of their lives such as race, gender, religion, and sex, is also a large cause for targeting by bullies. However, to enable the proper functioning of company X, it is necessary to eradicate bullying in the workplace notwithstanding the cause.

Actions to be taken

Since the main source of bullying is the thought that is others are competitors, Company X’s employees are going to be involved in activities outside the workplace environment, which will be fully funded by the company.

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