Hinduism and Christianity, assignment help (400 words each)

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REL 101: First Response Paper Listed below are two extracts by authors addressing religion. Write an essay (2pgs) arguing the particular stance taken by each author. Categorize each passage as either theologically motivated or written from an academic point of view. That is, do these passages exemplify the distinction of theology and religious studies that we discussed in class? State your reasons for identifying each as illustrating one perspective or the other (theology or religious studies)? Double-space your paper and use 1-inch margins. Do not use a font size greater than 12pt. There is no need for a separate title page. Your paper should have a title (Note: Response Paper # 1 is not an appropriate title!). No other information is necessary Author CF: Puja, worship, is the core ritual of popular theistic Hinduism. Every day, in temples and homes throughout India, puja is being performed before the deities images by both priests and lay peoplepuja, at its heart, is the worshipers reception and entertainment of a distinguished and adored guest. It is a ritual to honor powerful gods and goddesses, and often to express personal affection for them as well; it can create a unity between deity and worshipper that dissolves the difference between them. Author JC: Christianity is the only religion from which, and in relation to which, all other religions may be viewed in an impartial and truthful manner. It alone raises us to a height from which all the religions of the earth may be seen as they really are. Towering above them all, it is easy to perceive from it how far they [other religions] fall short of it in elevation, magnitude, and beautyNo other positive religion thus affords us a point of view from which all religions may be surveyed. I need it to be finishedin 2 hours

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