HIS 17a Second paper

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–Five pages/1200 words

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–Based on Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents. You may supplement with the Foner textbook, but do not turn reach beyond those two sources.

–Due on Canvas Friday, May 31 by midnight


According to Harriet Jacobs, what makes slavery for women distinct from slavery for men? (Another way of thinking of the same question: What aspects of slavery would be miss or misunderstand if we only saw it through the experience of men?)

1)Introduce your essay with a clear thesis statement, giving your argument.

2)Then divide your argument into 3-4 distinct sections. Introduce each with a clear topic sentence that connects that paragraph to your thesis.

3)Use at least 2 pieces of evidence per body paragraph (either a brief direct quote, or an explanation of a scene) to support your point. Cite the page number from Jacobs.


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