hospitality management assignment

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Select a hotel which you want to research, size and location do not matter. It can be a hotel that you have visited, or one you have never been to. It can be here in Las Vegas, or it can be on the other side of the word. Get creative!

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You will write a 700-1000 word paper discussing technological aspects of your hotel including: an introduction of your hotel with a brief history, Property Management System, cloud Computing, Apps, Check-in and Check-out Procedures, Room Entry, Guest Rooms, Meeting Space, Payments, Guests Comments and Feedback, and Social Media.

A template has been provided for you and is in Course Files. When using the template, be sure to delete notes and other directions that have been typed on the template. Please do not turn in a paper in which you forgot to replace “Your Name Here” with your actual name. 🙂 Make sure your research is thorough, and combines theory with actual facts about the hotel. You may have to call your hotel of choice for details. Be sure to adhere to the template, and keep it between 700 and 1000 words and you will do fine.

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