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Create two outlines for two paragraphs following this format and must use two of the 4 secondary sources PROVIDED BELOW


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Body Paragraph 1:

  • Anzaldúa’s negative outlook on assimilation causes her to alienate herself from society.
  • “Attacks on one’s form of expression with the intent to censor are a violation of the first amendment” (Anzaldúa 168).
  • By viewing the expectation of assimilation as an “attack on her form of expression”, Anzaldúa is predetermining the fact that she will refuse to accept the English language in order to attempt to preserve her identity as a Chicana.

Body Paragraph 2:

  • Anzaldúa’s closed mindedness and the pressure she receives from her Hispanic peers causes her to have difficulty assimilating into American culture.
  • “’Pocho, cultural traitor, you’re speaking the oppressor’s language by speaking English, you’re ruining the Spanish language,’ I have been accused by various Latinos and Latinas”(Anzaldúa 169).
  • The pressure to avoid assimilation not only comes from within Anzadúa, but also from her fellow Latinos.

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