how sleep quantity affect cognitive performance

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what is expected to be in he lab report

1) introduction

-definition of the key terms (cognitive performance and sleep)

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-review literature on sleep andmemory (support hypotheses)

-rationale for study

*why this study is needed e.g. past study have gaps so hence this study

what is different about my study

-TWO hypothesis because have 2 sleep Independent variables

* it can be positive or negative relationship but must have

2) MEthod

-participants (age and gender)

– materials

* memory span task-how we came up with this- explain how the number list was derived

* sleep and how the data derived


*overview of what was done in class which is -students were briefed on the nature of the study- 1st given

demographic and sleep data


– TWO correlations

-associated descriptive (M,SD)- found in the page with 2 tables!!

– no need graph, just half a page and straight to the point


– interpret result (no relationship between sleep and cognitive performance)

– discuss my results with past results

* tell what was not same (dissimilarities) e.g they found dissimilarities between A and B but i didint

– explain reasons for why there is no relationship between sleep and cognitive performance

*non statistical results/relationships


-coffee is a stimulant so it’s confounding the results


– next para = limitations of the research

– next paragraph = areas of future research

– next paragraph = implications * how the importance of results apply to real world

5) CONCLUSION (one paragraph)

6) REFERENCING – APA style, also citation APA style

thank you!!!

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