How to write a critique essay

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I have to Choose a persuasive article of at least 750 words about a subject you are interested in. (You may choose an article from our textbook, Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, or from any other source). Then write a critique of that article based on the techniques described in Chapter 2.

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Your goal is to be published in the same source that the article you are critiquing came from.

Minimum number of sources:three

Length:1,000 words

Techniques for critiquing others’ arguments

the thesis, topic sentences and supporting evidence of the argument.

the argument you are critiquing. (Include name and author of argument.)

needed context for the argument if the writer doesn’t. (Provide facts and
description of circumstances your argument’s writer did not include [this is
not always intentional].

their facts and check their sources.

aware of biased language. Be aware of connotative word choices.

accusing your author of deception or bad faith, have the evidence.

at the assumptions guiding the author’s thinking.

any logical fallacies and show how they don’t work. (Does the writer know

What Extent Do You Agree and/or Disagree with the Author?”

10)Bonus: To what extent does the author’s
class, race, gender, nationality-based viewpoint(s) affect what he/she says? (a
separate category of assumptions)

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