How would you design an in-flight safety demo/video to follow the principles of good concept presentation?

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What use is a good concept if you can’t take it to the stage? In Lecture Four, you learned all about presenting your concepts: how to simplify your concept, how to create an outline for your presentation, and how to choose among different presentation types, styles, and formats.

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One concept presentation travelers see over and over is the in-flight safety demo. Your first flight, you probably pay attention. Thirty or forty flights in? Chances are you’re tuning out all those instructions about inflatable life vests and oxygen masks.

Airlines face a unique challenge with in-flight safety demos because the importance of this information doesn’t diminish, but it also doesn’t change. This makes it hard for audiences to remember and retain the same information over and over.

Virgin America devised a unique solution to this challenge by creating an in-flight safety video with a professional movie director and lots of snazzy dance moves, which Nancy Duarte wrote about on

Read Duarte’s article,… then hit the Internet to do some research on the history and techniques of different in-flight safety demonstrations and videos.

In your discussion post, you are going to report on your research by answering the following questions in 3-4 paragraphs:

  • Thinking of in-flight safety demos/videos as “concept presentations,” what are the concepts being presented?
  • What are the unique challenges presented by this genre, and how do the overall lessons about concept presentation from Lecture Four relate to the unique genre of in-flight safety demonstrations? Consider audience, tone, format, and more.
  • What were some of your favorite and least favorite examples of in-flight safety demo/video examples that you found in your research?
  • How would you design an in-flight safety demo/video to follow the principles of good concept presentation?

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