Read through the scenarios below. Choose 2 scenarios and answer the following questions. If you use sources, remember to cite them i

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Read through the scenarios below. Choose 2 scenarios and answer the following questions.  If you use sources, remember to cite them in APA format.  You will type the scenario and your answers and upload them to CANVAS.

  1. What is the developmentally appropriate practice in each scenario? Explain your answer.
  2. What statements in NAEYC’s position statement (link provided above). are applicable in each scenario?
  3. What course of action would you take to address the DAP practice? If it is developmentally appropriate, why?  If not developmentally appropriate, why not?
  4. How might your actions affect the child or children/adult(s) involved?


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1.  A mixed group of 3, 4, and 5-year-olds have been in circle time for 30 minutes.

2.  Yiman is at the easel and wants to paint alone.  Anne wants a turn.  The teacher helps the girls develop a timetable for sharing over the next several minutes.

3.  The children in Mr. Davies’ 1st grade class all read from the same book on the same page daily.

4.  Jorge is in Kindergarten.  He copies a spelling list onto lined paper.

5.  A group of children are at the water table.  One of the children grabs a water toy, the only one like it, from another child and says, I want it.

6.  Doneisha and LaToya are playing in the block area.  The teacher instructs them to play in housekeeping.

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