Human Potential Arts Assessment #2 02/02/17

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  • Copy & Complete the REFLECTIONS Quiz. (Eight items).
  • Respond directly under each item. Add additional spaces between items if needed.
  • To submit your assignment – Go to SUBMISSIONS (below) and click on “Add Attachments,” click on “My Computer,” and upload your REFLECTIONS – Self-assessment Quiz file.
  • Do not forget to put your name on the REFLECTIONS Quiz.

REFLECTIONS 2 – Self-assessment Quiz

Self-Assessment of Progress and Learning

Write in complete sentences and use clear and precise language. Examples and details, if you choose, may also be included to illustrate your points. Be aware of the quality and thoroughness of your responses as well as mechanics such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Responses may vary in length from one sentence to a paragraph or more.

1. What is something you learned during the study of this unit that you believe will be important for you to know and understand?

2. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 is the highest) on your understanding of the readings and instructional concept to date. – Be specific and tell Why?

3. COMMENTS: Optional – Note any suggestions, concerns, or comments you have this week in regard to the class and/or course work.

4. Comment on your research process – Be specific:

5. Hands-on-Arts Experience:

DIRECTIONS – Complete the following:

A. Write the poem you revised.

B. Write a five-paragraph essay that describes your creative artistic journey or process from the inception of your idea for the poem to the rewriting. Incorporate the ideas discussed in Unit II.

Do not forget to discuss the inception of the idea for your poem and illustration (your artistic intention) and, your creative process (was it hard, easy, long, short), and your final product.

The five-paragraph essay contains:

  • paragraph one – introduction
  • paragraphs two, three, & four – body of essay
  • paragraph five – summary)


  • In Unit II, we explored the concepts of process & produce; self-esteem & self-efficacy; intrinsic motivation & extrinsic motivation; and goal setting & time management.
  • During the” hands-on arts” experience, you as the artist experienced process by creating a work of art (poem & illustration).
  • Think about and consider your artistic journey and process, which includes the creating of a poem, rewrites or revisions of the poem, & the creating of an illustration of the poem.
  • Now it is time to respond to and discuss your works of art as your reflect upon your personal artistic journey from process to product.

Course Objectives related to this hands-on arts project:

  • To enhance the ability to experience, to respond, and to discuss works of art.
  • To explore the artist’s journey through process to product.
  • To experience art and its powers of communication by making art.

6. The Artist’s Way –Chapter 1.Julia Cameron

Chapter 1 – “Recovering a Sense of Safety”

  • Shadow Artist
  • Your enemy within – core negative beliefs
  • Your ally within – affirmative weapons
  • Creative affirmations

Chapter 1 initiates creative recovery. The goal is to establish a sense of safety so you can explore your creativity less fearfully.


1. Read the following questions and think about the information in Chapter #1.

2. Write a paragraph stating something you learned in this chapter, which will be useful to you during your creative journey and WHY.

A. When you were a child, did you get any encouragement for your artistic efforts?

B. Were you ever encouraged; by your parents, teachers, or friends; to try to do something artistic/creative, such as writing music, poetry, drawing or painting, singing or playing an instrument, or dancing?

If you were encouraged – who encouraged you? How did you feel?

If you were not encouraged – did you create anyway?

Did you ever wanted to have a career in the arts?

If yes – did you ever tell anyone? What did he/she say?

C. Do you understand the meaning of “shadow artist?” Are you a “shadow artist?”If yes Did you choose a shadow career?

D. What does it mean to be very rich and very poor?

E. Do you wish that you could be a creative artist but believe that is what other people do, and you could not do it?

F. Were you ever told that the arts are nice hobbies and extras only if there is time and money to do them?

G. Have you ever had artistic dreams or say to anyone, “I am an artist?


7. The Artist’s Way –Chapter 2.Julia Cameron

Chapter 2: “Recovering a Sense of Identity”

This chapter addresses: – Self-definition. Self-definition is a major component of creative recovery. New territories develop as personal needs, desires, and interests are recognized.

Move into a personal identity by DEFINING YOU.


1. Read the following questions and think about the information in Chapter #2.

2. Write a paragraph stating something you learned in this chapter, which will be useful to you during your creative journey and WHY.

A. Do you trust your creativity?

B. Have you ever refused to acknowledge your creativity?

C. Do you think it is arrogance to say you are a creative artist?

D. Have you been manipulated by guilt?

E. Do you focus on your responsibilities to yourself or to others? WHY?

F. Have you ever focused on process? Or Do you focus on product?

G. Have you ever been in a relationship with a “crazymaker?”

H. Are you afraid to open the “door of your room” and let new ideas enter?


8. Annotated Bibliography


a. Submit a “hard-copy” entry from your Annotated Bibliography, such as a book, scholarly peer-reviewed journal, periodical. (If you would like to submit more than one entry, I will also assess that work so you can complete any needed revisions before your final submissions of the entire Annotated Bibliography).

b. Your entry must contain a citation in MLA Format and an annotation.

(SEE ASSIGNMENT #02: REFLECTIONS 1. for Annotated Bibliography directions).

This is the poem I created: to answer the questions above.

A Heart of Art

How best to describe art than use art itself; a scream of freedom – liberation of self

It pulls down the mightiest of egos; gives liberty, of skies to scale like eagles

Art eliminates the unlovely inner critics; brings out the ultimate classic

A source of physical dimes; a well of spiritual chimes

Art moves the toughest of hearts; gives tranquility to those that are hurt

From deep within, it evokes an emotion; to the hearts so tender, it is a love potion

How dull the world would be; without art, can’t you see

‘Earth’ would be nothing but ‘eh’; clouds would be nothing but grey

Let empty be your mind; embrace art, be entwined

Creativity takes courage; let art replace your demurrage


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