Humanistic vs psychoanalytic – describe, compare, which one is more effective

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1) Each paper must consist of a full, double-spaced text page and be on a topic related to some area of

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Psychology discussed in your particular Introductory course (in other words, not on a topic in an area of

Psychology irrelevant to your class). If you choose to write more than one paper to complete the

requirement, each must be on a different topic.

2) Each paper should discuss some finding, idea, or application of a relevant topic that goes beyond what

was discussed in your readings and lecture. For example, you may write about a new finding discussed in

the media that is relevant to a topic discussed in your class but was not directly mentioned either in lecture,

discussion, or your readings.

3) It is important that you choose a reputable source for your paper topic – for example some professional

magazine, newspaper, or online source – and not simply a discussion board or amateur blog. You are to list

your source(s) at the bottom of your paper so that it can be verified. Your paper should be written

completely in your own words and you are not to plagiarize in any way. Your paper will be checked for

plagiarism. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, please refer to:

4) At the top of each paper, please provide a title for your paper and your name.

5) Once your paper is completed, you are ready to submit it using the following process.

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