I did my own annotated bibliography which I received a 100 on. I have attached it as well. In the paper, she is wanting statistics facts and a graph/chart. Please piggy back off of the bibliography

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I did my own annotated bibliography which I received a 100 on.  I have attached it as well.  In the paper, she is wanting statistics facts and a graph/chart.  Please piggy back off of the bibliography

Paper Guidelines:

  • Finished papers should be 3-5 pages in length (title and references page do not count)
  • Double spaced with 1″ margins
  • Times New Roman 12 pt font
  • Cited using APA referencing
  • A reference page must be included at the end of the paper
  • Title page should include the title, your name, the date, the course, & the instructor name

I did my own annotated bibliography which I received a 100 on. I have attached it as well. In the paper, she is wanting statistics facts and a graph/chart. Please piggy back off of the bibliography
Annotated Bibliography Analysis of SI Among 35-55 African American Males Oliffe, J. L., Ogrodniczuk, J. S., Gordon, S. J., Creighton, G., Kelly, M. T., Black, N., & Mackenzie, C. (2016). Stigma in male depression and suicide: A Canadian sex comparison study. Community Mental Health Journal, 52(3), 302–310. Men’s depression and suicide are stigmatized, which might limit help-seeking treatment obedience, and confiding in friends and family. The results of a national poll of English-speaking adult Canadians about stigmatized views about make depression and suicide are presented in this article. More than a third of respondents (n=541) who had no direct experience with depression or suicide agreed that males with depression are unpredictable. When compared to female respondents, a higher proportion of makes supported stigmatizing attitude on male depression. Pirkis, J., Spittal, M.J., Keogh, L., Mousaferiadis,T., Currie, D. (2016). Masculinity and suicidal thinking. Soc Psychiarty Psychiatr Epidemiol, 52(3), 319-327 Males feature conspicuously in suicide facts, but extraordinarily little paintings has been accomplished to this point to explore whether endorsement of dominant masculinity norms heightens the risk of or is protective in opposition to suicidal wondering. This paper aimed to similarly understanding in this vicinity. We used baseline records from thirteen,884 guys (aged 18-55) within the Australian Longitudinal take a look at on Male health (Ten to guys) cohort. these guys stuffed in self-whole questionnaires in 2013/14 which blanketed more than a few subjects, together with conformity to dominant masculinity norms and suicidal wondering. We conducted logistic regression analyses to estimate the strength of affiliation among these variables. Lincoln, K.D., Taylor, R.J., Chatters, L.M., Joe, S. (2021). Suicide, negative interaction and emotional support among black Americans. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol, 47, 1947-1958. This study is that the 1st to analyze the link between perceived emotional support and negative interaction with relations and suicide thinking and makes an attempt among African yankee and Caribbean black adults. in line with Center for malady management and interference (CDC) mortality statistics for 2007 (most recent knowledge available), suicide is that the third leading reason behind death for black males age 15–24, and fourth for those age 10–15 and 25–34 years. Ji YD, Robertson FC, Patel NA, Peacock ZS, Resnick CM. Assessment of Risk Factors for Suicide Among US Health Care Professionals. JAMA Surg. 2020;155(8):713–721. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2020.1338 In this cohort study of 170 030 people World Health Organization died by suicide, health care professionals World Health Organization died by suicide were a lot of seemingly to possess issues with their jobs, physical health, and civil legal problems and to possess Asian or Pacific inhabitant ancestry compared with people within the general population World Health Organization died by suicide. an on the spot comparison between surgeons and nonsurgeon physicians disclosed that surgeons had a better risk of suicide if they were older, male, married, or presently receiving treatment for psychological state. Stone, Deborah M., Jones, Christopher, M., Mack, Karin, A. (2021). Changes in Suicide Rates-United States, 2018-2019. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Reo. 2021 Fe 26; 70(8):261-268 Suicide is that the tenth leading reason behind death within the u. s. overall, and also the second and fourth leading cause among persons aged 10–34 and 35–44 years, severally (1). In precisely over two decades (1999–2019), about 800,000 deaths were attributed to suicide, with a thirty third increase within the suicide rate over the amount (1). In 2019, a complete of twelve million adult’s reportable serious thoughts of suicide throughout the past year, 3.5 million planned a suicide, and 1.4 million tried suicide (2). Suicides and suicide makes an attempt in 2019 light-emitting diode to a time period combined medical and work-loss value (i.e., the prices that accrue from the time of the injury through the course of a person’s expected lifetime) of roughly $70 billion

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