I need help with the respond to two peers’ post: 4-2 Discussion: Developing Visualizations for Your Story Key building blocks of good decision making include the ability to visualize, analyze, and ver

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I need help with the respond to two peers’ post:

4-2 Discussion: Developing Visualizations for Your Story

Key building blocks of good decision making include the ability to visualize, analyze, and verbally communicate ideas effectively. Large volumes of data can be particularly complex to understand and present. However, if data is visually presented through a combination of meaningful charts, text, and a verbal narrative, the intended audience can better engage in the discussion of the facts, patterns, and findings that must be acknowledged before moving to the decision-making stage.

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In this discussion, you will take on the role of a new restaurant owner who is checking on sales since the opening of your establishment in January. You have just downloaded the following sales data from your financial software: Module Four Discussion Sales Data Spreadsheet . It includes sales by food item for each month you have been in business. You would like to create visualizations that illustrate which items are selling well and how the business is doing month by month.

In your initial post, make sure to include the visualizations you create and address the following:

  • What have you been able to identify through the visual representation of the data?
  • What kind of graphic have you selected and why?
  • How would this visualization need to be changed based on your audience?

In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:

  • Can you describe ways in which data visualizations make information more accessible to their audience? What would you recommend to make key insights in visualizations more digestible to your audience? What would you avoid?

  • -Peer#1

The data visualization I picked is in regard to Global Demonstrations & Protests between 2010-2020. The reason I selected this visualization is because it caught my attention. It interested me, not because of the subject matter, but because it was immediately easy to grasp the information and interpret the data being presented. This is due to the simplified design of the visualization.

The author addresses the audience as a group of people who want quick information that is easy to understand. The title of the data that he is presenting is large and he emphasizes key words in an eye-catching orange color. Furthermore, he includes a paragraph that indicates the parameters of the data. This method ensures that he is quickly able to grab the attention of the audience and present the data concisely.

The purpose of the visualization is conveyed with interactive bubbles of differing sizes over representing countries. Additionally, he includes a Mapbox that shows the number of protests by participants and graph charts on the bottom that highlight the countries with the highest number of protests by region. This aids in the audience’s ability to understand the data clearly and easily being presented within the parameters stated by the author.

The data includes global protests therefore, a global map is the background of the data which is kept gray. The bubbles of varying sizes are shaded orange to help instantly draw attention. The varying sizes of the bubbles encourages the audience to interact with them to receive additional information. Upon interaction, the audience is able to see the number of protests in each country and a graph chart that shows the total number of protests in each year between 2010-2018. We are quickly able to determine that the larger size bubbles indicate higher number of protests and smaller bubbles mean lower number of protests. Additional information is presented on the side of the map and on the bottom. This information is not at the forefront of the purpose of the data but is still insightful. This method of visualization allows the primary focus to be placed on the map and the interactive bubbles that define the focus of the research.

Please, take a look at the link below. I really like the way the author presented his data; it is clean, concise, and informative.


  • Peer # 2

Hi class, Welcome back for another week of exhilarating discussion board posts. This week I’d like to talk about the business-focused visualization I found on the Viz of the Day webpage for Last Hope K9 – Lives Saved. This paticular business was chosen because , well, who doesn’t like dogs… and I settled because it was starting to take too much time to find an alternate business. In all seriousness I believe in rescuing animals versus purchasing from a breeder for a variety of reasons, so this is a solid choice. The authors of the visualization address the audience in a straightforward and easily understandable way that’s highlighted by dog illustrations at the top which is serious clickbait. The charts and graphs are sortable, simplistic and will provide specific data based on the user’s query. Want to know the average time it took for a Labrador (2-6 years old that gets along with cats) to be saved in 2020? Their chart will show you that information and more with just a couple clicks. The intent or purpose I guess, is to inform readers on their mission and provide statistics of their dogs and is conveyed by placing the data in an order of significance from left to right. The visualizations are done in a font and color that isn’t too overpowering or bold but still able to highlight the data. Following the data sets, the visualization points anyone interested in “learning more” (adopting or supporting the business) to their website which is effective because I had no idea where Last Hope K9 was located (Boston, MA) nor am I looking for another animal and I still visited.


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