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For your Nutrition on the Web Project, you’ll need to do research using at least 1 academic scholarly article published in a peer-reviewed journal to ‘cross-check your chosen Fad Diet claims’. If you have not already found your ‘Fad Diet’ in our first discussion, please find Diet Fad BEFORE starting your science investigation! The Fad Diets Through the Years (Links to an external site.) website or the Food Fads Through the Ages (Links to an external site.) infographic will give you some [partially very entertaining] ideas.

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What’s a scholarly journal article?

It is an academic peer-reviewed article that usually describes a research project/experiment. It may seem challenging at first to read such articles, but, by learning how to do so, you will be a better consumer of accurate information. While many general interest articles are based on academic research, however, it’s usually best for academic and science writing to learn how to go straight to the source of the research to really understand if the information you are reading about is accurate.

How do you find a scholarly journal article?

Remember looking for a general interest article in the PCC Nutrition LibGuideLinks to an external site.? There you were introduced to several databases that had a variety of articles about nutrition. One of the best databases to use is EBSCO Host (you can find this under the Finding Articles Tab in the Nutrition LibGuide or go directly to the PCC Library DatabasesLinks to an external site. page and scroll down to find this database.)

The PCC Library site Finding Research ArticlesLinks to an external site. will give you more information about how to find academic articles (please watch the 2 short videos at the bottom of the page);

Alternatively, you can find peer-reviewed articles in the PubMed database (Links to an external site.) (please refer to the General Resources Page (CK) for an overview video).


Post a short (3 paragraph) summary of your academic peer-reviewed journal article by Friday 11:59. This should be written in your own words. Include the URL and name of the article as well as an APA Citation.

Citation Resources (Includes Citation Generators)

Discussion Guidelines

As you read and respond to others’ posts keep in mind some basic rules for netiquette (Links to an external site.):

  • Be kind and respectful to others
  • Use full sentences
  • Don’t use too much jargon
  • Treat others online as you wish to be treated
  • Use language that supports others

please don’t forget that our discussions are scientific in nature — opinions are fine, but they always need to be backed up with scientific evidence (in text citations and reference list in APA).

I will tip you based on how much effort you put into the assignment and based on how well you followed the directions!

Thank you and good luck!

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