I want u to complete this assignment without any plagiarism assignment Purpose: Build a new database with two database tables. 1. Create a new database entitled CompanyX2. Create the following

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I want u to complete this assignment without any plagiarism


Purpose: Build a new database with two database tables.

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1. Create a new database entitled  CompanyX2. Create the following database tables:

Employee- Name, Age, Address, ID,StartDate, EndDate, Phone Number, Department ID

Department-Name, Building Number, Department ID, SquareFeet, Active Status, BudgetAmount

• Set the primary key.• Be sure to set the data types accordingly.• Keep in mind that data should be stored in the optimal form for searching data.• Use camel case notation when naming the fields.• Use the caption field property for the employee table so the names in datasheet view are more user friendly.• Limit the employee’s name fields to 50 characters each.• Create a lookup datatype for the department name. Populate the lookup with four fictitious names of your choice for the user to pick from.• Join the tables. Enforce Referential Integrity.3. Define the following terms/acronyms:

a.      Primary Key

b.      Foreign Key

c.       RDBMS

d.     Referential Integrity

e.      DBMS

f.        Table

g.      Record

h.      Field

i.        Relationship

j.        Input mask

Upload your database to NEXUS.

4. Add additional table(s) to the JSP Recruiter’s database to accommodate recruiter dependents.  It can be downloaded off the Access section of Nexus.

It is determined for benefit purposes that we must track each Recruiters family member(s). We should store the person’s name, address, and age.

Each recruiter can have many different dependents. A dependent could have many recruiters associated with them to account for things like marriages/family relations.  Implement this in your database.

Keep in mind the relationship type.Set the primary keys as required.Add foreign key.Build all relationships in the relationship window.

Create one input mask for medical number. Assume the medical number is in this format: 12345, 65665.

Set the field length property for the length of address. Use your judgment as to the proper length. Be sure to set data types accordingly.

Implement a method in the database to make it possible to determine if the relationship between the Dependent and the Recruiter is current/in good standing.

hint- It is done in the new table you should have created.

5. Build a form best suited for each of your tables.

6. Find and save the following via query:a) Find all the Clients who owe more than 10k and are from City Berridge.b) Find Recruiters without clients.c) Count the number of Clients.d) Total the amount paid for all Clients.

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