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Directions – Need Below questions answered. Not the questions on the case study.

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Case Study: Le-Nature’s Inc. Fraud: What Happened and Why? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Unit 1 work is to organize in teams; you should make assignments for the duration of the project. Discuss the role of public company auditors at Le-Nature Inc. Tell what public company auditors should have picked up on at Le-Nature Inc and what Podlucky may have done to enable the dismissal of EY auditors.

Unit 2 work is to discuss COSO Internal Control Framework at Le-Nature. From the facts and circumstances, was the COSO Internal Control Framework followed?

Unit 3 work is to discuss Le-Nature’s material weaknesses in internal control. What are they?

Unit 4 work is to apply the Fraud Triangle to Le-Nature. Research has proven that fraud occurs with behaviors noted in the Fraud Triangle; apply that methodology.

Unit 5 work is to state deficiencies in corporate governance at Le-Nature.

Unit 6 work is to examine the professionalism of participants at Le-Nature. Document the shortfalls in professionalism in all players at Le-Nature.

Unit 7 Powerpoint for Le-Nature and should cover “What Matters to Proactively Manage, What to Scrap, and What to Change at Le-Nature.” Less than 20 slides. No minimum

Unit 8 work is to forecast the future at Le-Nature for the next five years. Contrast the difference in audit mindset five years later for Le-Nature.

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