Imagine you graduated and you are working at the place you’ve always wanted. The owner of the company wants to go Green and is committing to its environmental impact. For this to happen, the company

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Imagine you graduated and you are working at the place you’ve always wanted.  The owner of the company wants to go Green and is committing to its environmental impact.  For this to happen, the company needs to get most of the people at the company excited including the CEO (1), Managers (3 in total), Supervisors (10 in total, including you), and employees (30 in total).  A consulting firm suggested the items below be implemented to save the company an estimated $1,000,000 annually. The owner of your company has signed off to have everything instituted in the next year.

Employees will be required to:

·      Turn off lights when they leave the room

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·      Limit paper usage

·      Bring in a reusable mug

·      Power down computers at night

Employees will be given monetary incentives to participate in:

·      Waste walks to identify activities that are wasteful

·      Commute incentives

·      Training

·      Zero-waste procedures

The company will:

·      Purchase low flow toilets and sinks

·      Start a recycling program

·      Create a Green space for employees

·      Require plants to be a part of the interior space

·      Buy everyone their first reusable mug

·      Allow only management to have keys to the supply cabinet

·      Adjust thermostat to conserve energy

·      Replace paper towels with reusable towels

Power investments include:

·      Motion sensor lights

·      Solar panels on the building

·      LED lights

·      Increased digital reliance (going paperless)

·      Casual clothes to decrease the need for dry cleaning and air conditioning requirements

·      Remote work to decrease the footprint of rented space


Part 1: Choose two of the four audiences (CEO, Managers, Supervisors, or Employees). In complete sentences, fill in the table on a template addressing the following prompts. Do not feel you have to explain to your audience everything listed; identify what your audience needs to know, what will excite them, what they will be responsible for, and choose one or two of the initiatives to explain.

·      Identify your audience.

·      Summarize the goal of your communication. Keep in mind which initiatives you have chosen.

·      State the size of your audience.

·      Choose the best medium for your communication (email, memo, business letter, or essay).

·      Determine their expertise or familiarity with the subject matter.

·      Predict how the audience will respond.

·      Evaluate the need for this communication among the target audience.

Part 2: Select one audience from the table in the template. You already chose the best medium to communicate with this group. On the template, design your communication. (For example, if you identified an email as the best form of communication for your audience, draft an email.)

Think about the content you will write and how you will write it. Keep in mind your language, tone, and the audience’s familiarity with the subject. You should frame it in such a way that your audience will understand, respond well to, and be able to retain the information provided.

Part 3: After you create your communication content, in your own words, address the following prompts on the template. Your response should be a minimum of 250 words.

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