In class, we have talked about various criminological theories and theoretical frameworks. For this assignment, you will need to create an infographic on a pop culture individual who has engaged in cr

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In class, we have talked about various criminological theories and theoretical frameworks. For this assignment, you will need to create an infographic on a pop culture individual who has engaged in criminal behavior and explain that behavior through a criminology theory or theoretical framework we have discussed in class.

Purpose: To verbally and visually explain criminal behavior using theory to help others to clearly understand criminological theories. Infographics aim to allow the reader to draw conclusions. This assignment is intended to enhance your analytic, writing, creative, and presentation skills through a nontraditional project – an infographic. An infographic is a visually appealing, easy-to-read flyer that presents data accurately and ethically. There are various free, easy-to-use online platforms, such as Canva, Pikochart, and Easelly.

Audience: You should target a general audience. People who may not know or understand research ethics like your parents or other friends. Due to this, you must include enough information to inform the public on your unethical research study.

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Objective: The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge on criminological theories and criminal behavior.

Pop culture media (TV, Movies) examples:

*These are examples, try to use other TV or Movie. As a last resort, these should be used.

1. Batman2. The Purge (do not use this example as you have an example of this)3. Lord of the Files4. Catch Me If You Can5. Aladdin6. The Godfather7. Jessica Jones8. Dexter9. Psycho


1. Explore online to check out different infographics. Become familiar with what infographics are and what they look like. Examples and information on infographics can be found Thank you to Dr. Breanna Boppre for providing this resource. 2. Be creative and think visually! You can create your infographic using the websites: Piktochart and Canva or you can create your own.3. Include a main title for your infographic 4. Include at least 1 relevant graphic, chart, photo, or other visualization5. Include a section summarizing what TV or movie you are using, giving relevant information about it (but keep it brief!).6. Include a section on the criminological theory7. Pick out 3-5 examples that related to your selected criminological theory8. Finally, you should include a section discussing policy implications on how to reduce crime using this theory.

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