Interpersonal and Effectiveness

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Assignment 1: Conflict

By the due date assigned, submit your responses to the Discussion Area.

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Watch the video scenario entitled “Conflict.” Click here to view the text transcript of the video. Imagine that you are a member of the group, sitting silently and observing the conversation. You have a good working relationship with all of the people who are in the meeting, and you and the others have openly given each other feedback to help improve workplace performance. As you observe the meeting, you notice some things that took place and want to share that information with your colleagues so that they are aware.

In the discussion area, write an e-mail to your colleagues with your observations, at least two or more specific observations, of the meeting and how their verbal and/or nonverbal communication might have been interpreted. Provide your colleagues with at least two or more strategies that you have learned in this course that might help them in future brainstorming meetings.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 250–300 words and should reference specific terms and concepts from the text and materials presented in this module. Be sure that your response includes two or more specific observations and two or more specific strategies based on what you’ve learned in the course.

Week 4 Example: Conflict and The Process of Communication

Hi everyone: I hope all is well and you are enjoying the material! Some of you may be losing points in your discussions which can be helped by adding a quote and reference from the readings or an outside source. Make sure to respond to at least 3 other students on at least 2 days of the week.

I am excited about this week’s discussion regarding Conflict, by way of our overall study this week on The Process of Communication, a great next topic transition from our dialogue last week regarding Motivation. These two are connected by way of the study on interpersonal intelligence, where we learn this week how to observe the inner workings of human interaction, for what may be those reasons (inner or hidden motivations) behind why people face challenges in their interaction, particularly examining their communication effectiveness (for themselves or others) in professional relationships within the workplace. We’re learning to carefully consider things like the sender of the message, the mode of communication, the purpose of the message, and the impact or handling of the message by the receiver.

So, in essence, we’re exploring in this Module’s discussion, the inner workings of communication, for how it’s sent, to whom it’s sent, and the ways in which our intended message is communicated. After you’ve viewed the video for this discussion Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success, please complete the sample email as required. I’ve provided my own sample to get us started. In addition, in our discussion this week, let’s examine the questions asked after the video of this case study that ask how you would handle Jane’s behavior if you were leading this meeting, whether or not (if you were a member of this team) you would have intervened in the conflict between Rachel and Jane (why or why not), those conflict styles that you saw being exhibited by each team member, and those conflict styles you believe should have been exhibited by each team member. Task Summary. . .

Please be sure to read the questions at the top of the board carefully, and answer each part thoroughly in order to earn full credit! Be sure that you’ve completed your weekly readings before you approach this discussion. Remember, in order to earn full credit, you need to respond to three or more classmates each week in a substantive manner as required and use quotes from the readings or outside sources in at least one post. (Please consider in your own dialogue with your classmates, the specific questions noted above, from the end of the video.)In this discussion, we are exploring the facets of communication, its process, dimensions (i.e. roles as dominate vs. subordinate and cold vs. warm), communication strategies (i.e. mirroring, empathy, active listening, and metacommunication), specific roles of teamwork, and team advantages and disadvantages, to include such components as synergy, accomplishment and productivity, social loafing, groupthink, etc. As a reminder, please make certain to view the full video link provided in the contents of the assignment discussion, entitled Conflict (Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success), located within the discussion board. For Tips/Caution. . . It would be a good idea to perhaps take notes of key points of the video, for connection to your learning’s, thereby focusing on chief elements that may stand out to you in your viewing. Have fun!

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