Interventions on Mood Disorders

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one of the mood disorders–major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, double depression, cyclothymic disorder, or

bipolar disorder

–from the Film List.


the Research Analysis to complete this assignment.


a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that discusses research-based interventions to treat psychopathology.

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and differentiate the characteristics of the selected disorder and discuss the research about intervention strategies for the disorder by completing the following:

  • Evaluate three peer-reviewed research studies using the Research Analysis.
  • Conceptualize the disorder using the using


    of the following major psychological perspectives

    : Psychodynamic, Behavioral, or Cognitive-Behavioral

  • Discuss the treatments or interventions that have been shown to be the most effective for your selected disorder. Why?


at least five peer-reviewed sources and add references.


your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Interventions on Mood Disorders
Film List Access the flim/video by following the link: The disorder from the list is highlighted in RED. Search films for a video that corresponds with that disorder. Use the material on the film to serve as background information about the disorder.  Week Number Disorders Two Depression Bipolar disorder Three Phobias Panic disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Attention deficit hyperactive disorder Four Anorexia Bulimia Delirium Dementia Parkinson’s disease Huntington’s disease Alzheimer’s Pedophilia Sexual disorders Five Antisocial Borderline Alcohol dependence Drug abuse Six Schizophrenia Dissociative disorders
Interventions on Mood Disorders
Research Analysis Terms Definitions Peer-reviewed study Peer review refers to a study that has been accepted by a standard journal using blind review by peers in the field. This means that every study should have a fair access to publication based upon quality of the study. Type of study Types of studies can include experimental, case study, longitudinal, cross-sectional, survey, and so forth. Measurement or assessment tools A measurement tool is a means that the researchers used to measure or assess the variables under study. Did the study develop assessment tools? Did the study use objective measurement tools? Can the measurement tools be found and used by another researcher? Are the instruments valid and reliable? Number of participants This refers to how many participants were in the study. How they were selected Selection process can include the means of recruitment of participants; what was the sampling method or strategy? Describe the population. This could be clients or college students. Indicate sample size. Number of groups Was there a control group? The control group does not receive the treatment. Do these participants have the same characteristics and diagnosis as the experimental group participants? How they were assigned Were they matched or randomly assigned to one the conditions, or groups, in the study? What type of intervention was delivered Define the type of therapeutic treatment or intervention that occurred. How the intervention was delivered Were there therapists? Were the therapists trained to deliver the treatment? Was the study a drug study? Was it double-blind? Were there repeated measures In this area, we are looking at whether the study found the subjects 6 months or 1 year after the conclusion of the study. Was there a difference between the experimental and control participants at the follow up? We are looking at whether the treatment effect lasts over time.

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