Islam Written Report Background Information: When studying the different religions of the world we tend of focus on the distinctions between these religions and understanding what makes them unique,

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Islam Written Report

Background Information:When studying the different religions of the world we tend of focus on the distinctions between these religions and understanding what makes them unique, however it is important to note that although these religions are distinct and unique in their own way, there are common themes and structures that can be applied to them. Some of the common elements present in the different religions that we will be studying this semester are:

  • Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Writings

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    • Divinely inspired writings that contain origins of the religion, essential beliefs, and major teachings. Some religions also revere writings of prominent figures throughout their history who have contributed to expounding the theology of the religion (ex: writings of the Islamic saints)
  • Beliefs and Practices

    • Tenets of the religion that unify its community of believers on a variety of topics ranging from their relationship with the divine, soteriology, creation, eschatology, anthropology, etc.
  • Prayer and Worship

    • Liturgical practices that believers of the faith participate in throughout their daily lives. Some liturgical practices and rituals of prayer are performed in conjunction with the celebration of religious festivals at particular times of the week (ex: Sabbath) or times of the year (ex: Christmas)
  • Morality – Code of Ethics

    • Guiding principles that adherents of the faith abide by throughout their lives informed by the theology of the religion
  • History

    • Understanding how the religion was established and the advances of the religion throughout human history that shape the global image of the religion today while also recognizing changes in theology that have occurred throughout history due to major historical events


In your reading of Chapter 12 – Encountering Islam: The Straight Path of the One God you have gained a better understanding of what the religion of Islam is all about from the context of its history, sacred scriptures, beliefs and practices, code of ethics, etc. You will now use the information gleaned in the chapter to expand upon particular elements of Islam enumerated below:

  1. Islamic Symbols and Names (.5 pages)

    1. Identify a common Islamic symbol and explain its significance

      1. Consider the following:

        1. History/Origins of the symbol
        2. Important religious figure(s) associated with the symbol and their involvement with it
        3. How is the symbol utilized by Muslims today?

          1. Is it used during prayer/worship?
          2. Is it worm as an outward sign of faith?
    2. Distinguish between the terms ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ as it relates to the Islamic faith
  2. Life of the Prophet Muhammed (.5-1 pages)

    1. Discuss who the Prophet Muhammed was and the impact that he had on Islam.
    2. Describe 2 key events from the Prophet Muhammed’s life.
    3. Address how these events are commemorated by Muslims today
  3. Sacred Scriptures (.5 pages)

    1. Analyze what the Qur’an is and assess upon how Muslims use it today

      1. Consider the following:

        1. Importance of particular Surahs in the Qur’an
        2. How the sacred text came into existence
        3. Important religious figures mentioned in the Qur’an
  4. Beliefs and Practices (2 – 3 pages)In the religion of Islam there is set of beliefs that all Muslim’s must follow. These are known as the Articles of Faith and their foundations are found in the Qur’an. The 6 articles of faith tell Muslims what to believe in and then the 5 Pillars of Islam explain how to implement these beliefs in their daily lives.
    1. Interpret the meaning of each of the Six Articles of Faith (1-1.5 pages)

      1. Belief in the Oneness of Allah (God)
      2. Belief in the Angels
      3. Belief in the Books of Allah
      4. Belief in the Prophets of Allah
      5. Belief in the Day of Judgement
      6. Belief in the Divine Decree – Will of Allah
    2. Articulate the significance of each of the Five Pillars of Islam listed below and demonstrate how these pillars are lived out by Muslims today (1-1.5 pages)

      1. Shahadah – Profession of Faith
      2. Salah – Prayer
      3. Zakah – Almsgiving
      4. Sawm – Fasting
      5. Hajj – Pilgrimage

Submission Instructions:

  • When completing this written report, the following guidelines must be followed. Failure to do so will result in points being deducted from your grade.
  • This report must be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font & double-spaced.
  • Each section of the report must include a section title on a separate line (ex: Christian Symbols, Christianity in Context, etc.).
  • Each section must incorporate at least 1 direct quotation from wither the course text (World RELG4: Introduction to World Religions) or one of the databases/encyclopedias available through St. Thomas University Library with an appropriate citation. You may also find it beneficial to refer to Module 4: Lecture Materials & Resources.
  • The paper should be formatted per current CMOS and adhere to the page length requirements outlined above.
  • Your paper will be assessed through Turnitin.
  • Complete and submit the assignment by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday.

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