Journal Reflection

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Write your journal in a Word document and upload to the assignment link here by Friday of this week. The journal should be at least 400 words, cite Healey at least three times, and follow the prompt listed here: Go to and select the “Sorting People” activity by clicking on the Begin Sorting button. You will be given a set of headshot photos of various people, and your task will be to drag and drop them into the racial categories to which you think they belong. Clicking on the thumbnail photo will show you a bigger picture of the person if it’s hard to see the smaller ones. When viewing your results, you can click on each of the faces to get more information on how each of the people actually identify. Record your score to use in your journal. Now write your journal by answering these questions in your Word document. Be sure to include your name and “Week 1 Journal” at the top of the page. What was your score on the activity? (Simply count how many pictures are correctly identified.) Why do you think this was so hard (or easy) for you to sort the people based on their physical appearance? What does this tell you about racial categories and race as a biological or social construct? How might being labeled into a certain racial category be a problem, especially one that is not how a person identifies themselves? How does this pertain to any real life circumstances that you or someone you know has encountered? Use what you have learned from Healey chapter 1 as support for your answers. Attached are the powerpoint for the chapter, rubric and the name of the book. References in APA format and 3 times cite the book. Do not bid if you cannot complete the assignment in 5 hours

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