Judicial Process Impacting Policy

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For the Florence v. Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders (2012) (Corrections case): In this scenario, you are the warden of a prison. Write a policy and
procedure about who is subject to various types of searches. write an appropriate policy and
procedure to comply with the court. Use the Supreme Court site.

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Who are the stakeholders in your scenario? For example, the stakeholders in scenario one may be the citizens, offenders, police personnel, police union,
and police administrators.
 How can you balance the wishes of all stakeholders?
 What training may be needed, and how will it be implemented?
 What are the important aspects to be included in the policy and procedure?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Summary: Provide a brief summary about the selected case.
II. Stakeholders: Describe the stakeholders within the selected case.
III. Policy and Procedure: Create a policy and procedure that thoroughly complies with the court’s decision in the selected case.
IV. Justification: Provide a justification for the policy and procedure that addresses the unique characteristics of the selected case.

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