leadership and management scientific paper based on hp case study

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Driving organisational transformation requires a well-orchestrated change management program capsuled by strong leadership and business acumen. However this seems not to be the case with Hewlett Packard ́s dysfunctional organisation hampered by a disastrous leadership and struggling to find direction. Do you share this view? If so critically evaluate the leadership, challenges and organisational complexities that paralysed this high tech giant. As a change management expert, map out a “blue print” recommendation on how you would successfully implement a turnaround. Discuss.

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Assignment Expectations – 3,000 words (+-10% window)

The assignment is based on a case study Hewlett Packard (HP) and you are expected to demonstrate strong analytical skills, conceptual input, relevant models and theoretical application and well-structured paper with strong practical and academic rigour. A good level of independent acting is expected and scientific citation formalities apply. (APA Referencing style)

Here is the link to case study: https://fortune.com/2012/05/08/how-hewlett-packard-lost-its-way/

Attached is a questionnaire/guide.

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