legal and ethical concerns social media marketing

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The lecture talk about Legal and ethical concerns in Social media marketing.

While social media carry great promise for new ways of facilitating business, its use also pose a special set of legal risks about which businesses should have a greater awareness. These risks may be usefully grouped into a few overlapping categories: intellectual property issues, employment-related issues, and marketing activity concerns. Further, what is legal might not always be ethical. 

Unethical marketing decisions damage the firm, society, and stakeholders (which can include customers, suppliers, and other “publics”).  The fallout from unethical practices can take the form of additional governmental regulation and red tape.  Clearly, social media ethics is a key concern today.

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For this assignment you are to draw from the week’s topic(s) and expound upon some aspect of that topic. Find something that interests you from the week and have a bit of fun with your exploration. You can include a video, an article, whatever you want to help you advance your understanding of the issue.

Please clearly state your topic. You should relate your discussion to the lecture(s), course materials, and refer to at least one outside material (e.g., video, website, article).

  • Use  APA
  • Paper should be one page excluding the title and reference pages

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