letter to a friend telling about India and South Asia to understand American society

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Write a letter to a friend telling your friend why is it important to learn about India and South Asia to understand American society?

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  • Draw on the chapters, the discussions your experiences, the films to write this letter addressing your friend. First, tell your friend why it is essential in one or two sentences, and then elaborate your argument based on the readings, concepts, discussions, and experiences. You may break down your overall argument into 12 points and elaborate on each one of them.

Minimum length: 1200 words (at least). Maximum: 2000 words. 12 points font. 1-inch margin.

DEADLINE:5 July, End of the day

  • Give an introduction and state your argument in clear and concise terms.
  • Tell the reader how you are going to argue your case.
  • Divide your argument into points.
  • Devote one paragraph to explain each point.
  • You can use direct or indirect quotes from the text. Please specify the page number if it is from the textbook. For outside sources, give citations and mention the text in the bibliography.
  • Please do not use too many direct quotes and do not use long direct quotes. Instead, try to summarize what the text says in your own words. And use your analysis.
  • Write a concluding paragraph summarizing your argument and the main points.
  • Include a bibliography

*****Be imaginative and analytical in writing this ess

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