Management of Health Programs SLP 1

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Assignment Overview: This assignment will build off your SWOT analysis. As the Organizational
Development Manager (ODM) for the organization that you completed your
SWOT Analysis for, you act as a liaison and advisor to the
organization’s leadership, and begin initiatives within the
organization. You have been given the responsibility to create a team
(including yourself and five other members) to address a set of
strategic issues that this organization is facing, found within your
SWOT Analysis. Choose your team members based on the need of your SWOT
Analysis. For instance, if you reported a weakness as “long wait-time in
the ER,” it might be ideal to include an ER Nurse Manager on your team.
Propose and evaluate a set of strategies for the organization. You
should include at least 1 goal, 2-3 measurable objectives to support the
attainment of those goals, and 2-3 action items to complete the
objectives. The goal(s) are broader, the objectives have a number tied
to them to assess, and action steps have deliverables. You will be
presenting a PowerPoint (PPT) to the Board of Directors at your

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Use three cited sources from Required Reading

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  1. EXPECTATIONS: You are to create a PPT with at least 8 slides, not including the title or reference slides, that includes the following:

    1. Introduction that explains the purpose of the meeting and/or SWOT analysis.
    2. Titles of team members (i.e., ER Nurse Manager, In-Take Operations
      Manager, etc.) and a short explanation for each member’s importance on
      the team.
    3. One overarching goal. This goal should address most of the issues on your SWOT analysis, thus it can be broad.
    4. Two or three measurable objectives to support the attainment of the goal.
    5. Two or three items explaining your team’s plan of action.
    6. Conclusion that summarizes the information included in the PPT, and
      an explanation that solidifies how your team will execute the goal
      presented and resolve the strategic issues.
  2. Your slides should contain bullet points only. Most of your explanation should be provided in the speaker’s notes.
  3. Support your SLP with peer-reviewed articles and at least 2
    references. One of the sources can be from your course readings. Use the
    following link for additional information on how to recognize
    peer-reviewed journals:

    1. You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:

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