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Company of choosing: Spirit Airlines

TOPIC: A Company and a Marketing Idea They Nailed

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LENGTH: Should be at least 1½ pages long and less than 2 pages

(approximately 750 words per part with one-inch margins)

FORMAT: Single-spaced with spaces between paragraphs or sections, no larger than 12 pt. font

(Note: Please do not try to game the spacing and length by using large section headers and multiple spaces on top and bottom of them. If you use section headers, simply bold them followed by a colon and a space and begin your paragraph on the same line)


1. Overview of the chosen company (around 100 words or three to four sentences)

2. Summarize the marketing campaign to include the intended audience, methodology and expected results (around 100-150 words)

3. Your analysis of why the campaign was successful (around 500 words)

4. Some evidence of research (which should be properly cited in the paper using your preferred citation methodology, include one works cited page for the whole assignment)

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