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Introduction to Finance 15th

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Markets, Investments, and
Financial management

Ronald W. Melicher

Edgar A Norton


word count 175 each
questions, APA, Reference and good English and grammar, correct word count and
no cover sheet, just answer question. Please use citation and reference. Reference
goes after each question. No cover sheet. Must use 2 to 3 references.

1. The
U.S. financial system is composed of: (1) policy makers, (2) a monetary system,
(3) financial institutions, and (4) financial markets.
Indicate which of these components is associated with each of the following
roles—and explain who it facilitates the activity:
a. accumulate and lend/invest savings
b. create and transfer money
c. pass laws and set fiscal and monetary policies
d. market and facilitate transfer of financial assets

Your boss has told you that tomorrow the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) will
announce its approval of your firm’s marketing of a new breakthrough drug. As a
result of this information, you are considering purchasing shares of stock in
your firm this afternoon. What would you do? In addition, discuss the implications
of six financial principles for this scenario.

A number of terms are introduced in these chapters which have implications for
how we, as individuals, manage our debt and payments. Explain the differences
a. debit cards and credit cards—which would you prefer to use? Why?
b. money market mutual funds and CDs (certificates of deposit)—which is
preferable for investing funds you may need next month? Why?
c. federal funds and Treasury bills—and explain how each are used to fund the
needs of their users.

Go to and
identify sources and funds of funds for commercial banks. (Try typing
“commercial banks” in the Search box).

The Federal Reserve Board has decided to ease monetary
conditions to counter early signs of an economic downturn. Because price
inflation has been a burden in recent years, the Board is eager to avoid any
action that the public might interpret as a return to inflationary conditions.
How might the Board use its various powers to accomplish the objective of
monetary ease without drawing unfavorable publicity to its actions?

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