MBA 640 University of Maryland Marketing & Technology Google Analytics Discussion

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Project 3: Digital Marketing Analytics
Step 2: Discuss Data Analytics

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and Complete Google Analytics Tutorial

please complete the excellent Google Analytics for beginners tutorial that is available free online. I’m providing step-by-step access instructions for the tutorial in the attachments below (see How to Access Google Analytics for Beginners Tutorial).

To get some hands-on practice from what you learned in the tutorial, activate the Google Analytics demo account when you are done.

Thanks for your focus, everyone. Review the readings, participate in the discussion activity, and finally complete all four units of the Google Analytics tutorial.




Project 3: Digital Marketing Analytics
Step 3: Answer CompanyOne’s Data Analysis Questions

The past few weeks have flown by. You have just completed the GA tutorial when you receive a memo from Ying marked CONFIDENTIAL. You scan the memo to find a list of client questions that have been assigned to you. You are expected to use Google Analytics to answer the 10 questions in the memo by the end of Week 7. The Google Analytics demo account will give you access to data from the Google Merchandise Store, which in this project represents CompanyOne’s data.

Review these instructions for How to Activate the Google Analytics Demo Account.

Submit your answers to each of the ten questions and the accompanying screenshots in a Word document to the dropbox located in the final step of this project.

Remember to include one or more screenshots of the relevant Google Analytics page to support your answers. If you need help with creating screenshots, review these instructions on capturing screenshots for your Microsoft, Apple, or Android system.The next step provides a summary of all deliverables due during this project.

The next step provides a summary of all deliverables due during this project.


Digital Marketing Glossary

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