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Conduct research on resources in your community that address Intimate Partner Violence and child abuse/neglect.

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What resources are available for individuals seeking to leave an abusive partner. What are the limits to these services? How would it differ if the victim was a male or in a same sex relationship? Discuss the ways services in your area could address these issues.

Identify resources in your community for addressing issues of missing children, child abuse and neglect. Give specific information on the components of any programs and discuss whether these resources are effective. What are your recommendations for improving resources for this population?

Your paper should be a minimum of five pages. Apa format, in text citations.

the paper should have a coherent flow, as you move from topic to topic.

Please avoid plagiarism. Make it simple.

Here is the the reference that I use for this class:

Karmen, A. (2016). Crime victims: An introduction to victimology (Ninth edition. ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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