MKG 330 Consumer Engagement Behavior Essay

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Setting the Stage. In two concise paragraphs, describe the background to the article. What is happening with social media as it relates to consumer behavior? Explain the concept of consumer engagement behavior (CBE).

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Problem statement. From a consumer behavior perspective, elaborate on the effects of social media on consumer engagement behavior and the economic performance of movie firms. Be sure to consider the implications for promotions or communication other than social media. Ultimately, what is can marketers use from the information gathered the article? (1-2 paragraphs)

Analysis. In your analysis of this situation, consider the following:

  • What specific social media tools used? Given the target consumers, why did they use these?
  • How important are people and personalities for social media effectiveness? Why?
  • What financial influence—if any—did social media have on the show?
  • Given the social media content, what are other industries, products or services that can benefit?

Recommendations. Given your description of the setting, problem statements, and analysis recommend how the concept of CEB is transferable or not to other products or services.

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