MKT 574 University of Phoenix Walmart Environmental & SWOT Analysis Paper

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Assignment Content

  1. Throughout the weeks of this course you will be developing a marketing plan for a company of your choice, section by section. In week 2, you will complete part A, in week 4, you will complete part B, and in week you will complete part C.

  2. For the purposes of this project you are to select an existing company. You should choose a company that has data readily available so you can easily access information about customer demographic/psychographic data to provide insights. You should obtain two years of annual reports as well as two years of 10K reports (which provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements) for your data source.
  3. Company selection is a critical part of this project. YOU WILL USE THE SAME COMPANY FOR WEEKS 2, 4, & 6. I strongly suggest you get the annual reports and 10K’s for your selected company BEFORE making your selection. This helps assure you select a focus where the information needed is available. If you select your company THEN get the 10Ks, etc. you may find yourself challenged in getting the information you need.
  4. Please review the Strategic Marketing Plan. and prepare an APA document that addresses the elements from Part

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