Module 04 Course Project – Performance Plan, Project Charter and Procurement Plan

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The Board of Directors has asked for a progress report regarding all of the teams you have worked with including, but not limited to, the hotel and catering personnel. They also would like a report on teams’ performance thus far. Since your company has a well-known practice for diversity and high ethical standards, the company would like you to assure them of your compliance with the organization’s practices.

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For this assignment, write a minimum three page report and include the following:

  • All of the teams that you have worked with and the value of working with those teams
  • How the team members performed collaboratively
  • Steps that were taken to ensure that team members focused on their tasks and listened to others.
  • How suggestions were integrated from group members.
  • How you were able to meet the organization’s criteria for diversity and ethical standards.
  • Provide the instructor with a Performance Plan (may use the template for Performance Plan provided) Project Plan Template (attached below)

This project is about Cigna Healthcare renting out a space at the Cox Communication Center in oklahoma city, Ok for a conference to launch a new product. It will have key (internal) speakers which are at no cost since they work for the company, but we have to make sure to accommodate 1000 guests from local hospitals in the area. Hotels will be needed for the out of town speakers along with airfare, will need to cater food and be aware of dietary needs, work with tech companies on the sound system, television screens etc and also the people who are setting up the exhibit hall, those handling the pamphlets to pass out etc. It’s a 18 month plan and I will attach my last portion of the timeline and who we are working with. This is all made up of course but keep it as realistic as possible. The time cost and resources management was my last paper you can reference for more info.

APA format for the paper with reference page separate.

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