Module 3: Portfolio Milestone

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Your Portfolio Project assignment is to prepare a professional sales presentation on a product or service that interests you. Read the full description of the Portfolio Project and Portfolio Grading Rubric, available in the Module 8 Folder.

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This week you will submit a one-page summary of your project that is worth 25 points to the overall Portfolio score. Points are not given this week but will be assessed as part of the final score. In your summary, please include:

  • Why you selected the product or service
  • The industry to which it belongs (for example, health services, transportation, banking, or communications systems)
  • How you plan to research it. Provide at least three references to outside academic or business sources. Be sure to use APA style!

Your Portfolio Project is due at the end of Module 8. Make sure it follows CSU-Global guidelines for APA style, and that it is concise, professional, and demonstrates knowledge of the concepts presented in this course.

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