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For this week’s discussion blog, please answer the following questions:

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1. First, how did the Indian Removal plans/policies emerge based on this week and last week’s materials?

2. Next, please rhetorically analyze Andrew Jackson’s speeches (inaugural and second annual message.) How would you describe the overall language/tone Jackson uses in his speeches? How does his language/tone change with each speech? Who is his intended audience in each speech, and what are his goals regarding dealings with American Indian tribes? What kind of patterns or trajectory do you notice?

3. After, please rhetorically analyze Andrew Jackson’s” Letter to the Cherokee”. Who was the intended audience, and what was the purpose? How would you describe his tone and word choice? What historical allusions does he use? What were some key quotes/parts that stood out to you, and why?

4. What aspects of the chapter “Jackson’s White Republic” stood out to you? What, in your opinion, was a key passage or quote, and why?

5. Lastly, please share your overall thoughts/reactions/connections to this week’s materials.

Don’t forget that your original post should reach the 400 minimum word requirement, and remember to also post a response of at least 200 words to a peer!

Indian Removal Overview

Andrew Jackson’s First Inaugural Speech

Andrew Jackson’s Second Annual Message

Andrew Jackson’s Letter to the Cherokee Links to an external site.

We Shall Remain: Trail of Tears Links to an external site.

Resistance to Removal Links to an external site.

The Cherokees vs Andrew Jackson Links to an external site.

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