Need 3 responses 100 words each

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I need someone to reply to my instructor comment on my discussion board along with 2 student’s reply. Each response need to be minimum of 100 words.

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Discussion instructions were :

After reviewing this week’s readings and lessons content, consider the following ethical dilemma

“Your organization’s return policy stresses that “our goal is your total satisfaction,” yet you have been told by your supervisor that returns cost the organization money and negatively impact her quarterly bonus. For that reason, she has instructed you and other employees that you should find a reason not to accept returns and provide refunds whenever possible (e.g., a package was opened, it has been more than seven days since purchase, a receipt is not provided, or the item is being discontinued and the manufacturer will not take it back). She has even suggested that you lie to a customer or make up an excuse rather than accept a return. Further, she instructed you that all returns and refunds must be approved by her, yet when she is paged over the intercom, she typically does not respond and leaves you and other service employees to face an escalating negative customer situation.”

Answer all four of the questions:

1. How does such a service atmosphere potentially impact customers? Employees?

2. What message does this approach to service say about the organization?
3. What are potential outcomes of such practices by the supervisor?
4. What can you and other employees do to address the situation?

I will add peer’s post and my instructor comment on my post after selecting tutor.

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