Need an research paper on analysis report. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on analysis report. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Needs Analysis for the instructional problem Contents An analysis of the task 3 The environment 4 Functions served 4 Reference 6 An analysis of the task

The course to be covered by the students include attending all the classes during each semester through the use of internet (in case of those who wishes to attend the class virtually) and accessing their online libraries for the purpose of having a deeper understanding of the notes and lectures delivered by the professor during the classroom sessions. Therefore it is of high significance to make the students understand the relevance of internet in their lives. The students know that internet is a crucial part of their life just because it ensures regular contact with their friends, assist them in sharing photos and lets them download games. Both the staffs and students of any institution seem to neglect the importance of internet in their lives and studies and official works are carried out by the means of paper work. However after the invention of internet, many schools/colleges have switched to an automated environment, still it’s necessary on the parts of the students to know why internet seems to be so vital. Thus the students will be assigned with the task of data gathering by the application of internet and this could be done by involving them in a group project where the objective would be to gather data about the usage of internet in various regions within their locality. Each group would be assigned with one region of their choice where they would have to present data on the following-

How many people own computers/laptops at their home?

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How many of them have active internet connections?

Which network do they use?

What is the purpose of their internet usage?

How do they tackle fraud/ hackers?

The objective of the task is to make the students realize the capabilities of internet and implement the same in their further academic projects. The instructional issues would also get resolved once they get familiarized with the internet and its utilities.

The environment

The task would be conducted in an environment comprising both the classroom activities and the field job. The field job would include visiting the households or the corporate houses for deriving more reliable data and then properly tabulate the data so that it becomes easier for the evaluator to understand the study. They can also collect the data via some sites that offer trends and statistics related to internet usage (Internet World Stats, 2013). The class activity would include analyzing the data collected through various statistical tools and representing those in a simple manner.

Functions served

Internet is regarded by most of people belonging to the younger generation, as a channel for entertainment. However, Internet also serve various purpose like it can offer an individual a chance to explore what is going on in the entire world just staying at the comfort of their home. Thus internet offers us a chance to be alert and attentive to the outer world. It discusses variety of issues related to health, technology and science which often helps people in tackling the difficulties faced.

The task aims at throwing light on all these factors which would make the people more aware about the usage of internet. The researchers will get to know the trends in the internet usage. Also the task would serve as a guideline for those who are afraid about using internet due to the various cyber crimes happening all around.


Internet World Stats. (2013) Internet World Stats: Usage & Population Statistics. Retrieved from http://www.internetworldstats.

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