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Please respond to either one of this discussion question below. The responses must be in 100 words.

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Here is the original question:

Go to Section 4: Weeks 1 and 2 Textbook Reading from this week’s Webtext and read the chapter titled “Early Globalization: The Atlantic World, 1492-1650,” then compare and contrast the voyages of Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal and Christopher Columbus. Next, using the Webtext, suggest three (3) reasons explorers in general voyaged to America.

Please respond in a primary posting of at least 200 words. In addition, please make a substantive comment of at least 100 words to at least one [1] of your classmates. Subsequent comments may be shorter.

Discussion Question #1

RE: Week 2 Discussion

Henry the Navigator was Portugal’s great explorer while Christopher Columbus was Spain’s. Though Christopher Columbus was actually Italian, he had tried to secure financing and support for his exploration through many different countries before Spain’s monarchy finally acquiesced and allowed him to use other explorer’s findings and documentation to attempt to chart a safer faster course to the Indies. Henry the Navigator was also an explorer that used the findings of others to explore. He was less of a “do-it-yourself” type explorer, however and he sponsored much exploring along the African coast and the Atlantic. The path Christopher Columbus used to get to the Indies actually landed him in the New World. Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus both explored vast areas and laid claim to their discovered lands for either Portugal or Spain, respectively.

The 3 reasons explorers voyaged to America are as follows:

One reason was to find riches that were previously unclaimed which would give them fortune.

Another reason was to spread European religion throughout the New World. Prince Henry the Navigator even stated how many souls he had come upon that need Jesus Christ.

The third reason was to bask in the glory and fame that exploring these new lands would be sure to bring.

Discussion Question # 2

What Prince Henry and Christopher Columbus had in common was that they both commanded fleets that discovered new continents. They both improved the trade and economy of their country or foundation in doing so,

Prince Henry spearheaded his country’s explorations of African and the Atlantic in the 1400’s. The Portuguese mariners successfully steered an eastward route to Africa, with Prince Henry’s support. This became their basis for the nation’s trade empire in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Mariners built an Atlantic empire by settling the Canary, Cape Verde, and the Azores Islands, and the Island of Madeira.

Spain’s most famous explorer, Christopher Columbus who was from Genoa, believed that by using calculations based on other mariners’ journeys, he could chart a westward route to India. However, by doing this, he could expand European trade and spread Christianity.

Three (3) reasons explorers, in general, voyaged to America

  1. Find an alternative trade route to Asia
  2. To conquer and claim land
  3. Spread the message of Christianity.

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