Need help with the response to two peers: What kind of plan would you suggest your peer put in place to prevent bad decisions in the future? Share the reasons for your suggestions.Peer #1 I found this

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Need help with the response to two peers:

  • What kind of plan would you suggest your peer put in place to prevent bad decisions in the future? Share the reasons for your suggestions.

Peer #1

I found this difficult because I cannot think of any decisions I have made that I would consider “poor”. The fact that, in hindsight, a decision made may not have been the best decision does not make that decision wrong or incorrect. You can have perfect information and make all the correct choices and things still may not work out the best way. But the reality is in many cases decisions are made with imperfect information and you make the best decision based on the available data and your prior experience.

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An example of this is the decision I made in July of last year to quit the job I was working. The place I worked had huge vats of hot water into which stainless steel components were dipped to rinse the acidic chemicals off them. These vats of hot water caused the building to have a very high level of humidity. Well, we were in the middle of a summer heat wave so the heat index in the building was reaching over 110 degrees. I was getting headaches and sweating uncontrollably while working inside that building despite drinking a gallon of Gatorade every day to stay hydrated. As a former Army medic I knew if I went to the doctor complaining of headaches and excessive sweating, while also telling them the heat index in the building was over 110 degrees, they would not have told me to stay hydrated and take breaks. Long story short I ended up quitting that job because I felt like it was really affecting my health. I am a regular blood donor and had an appointment scheduled a few weeks in the future. Since I was now unemployed I decided to reschedule and fortunately they had an opening on the coming Friday, just a few days later. I went and donated blood and the following Monday I received a call from the Red Cross. My donation was rejected because a tick borne illness was found during testing. I had done some hiking and camping in the forest the month prior and evidently I had been bitten by a tick. It was not the heat and humidity that was making me feel ill, it was an infection. I then saw my doctor and got treated and everything was fine. In the end the decision to quit the job I was working did not help solve the issue in any way. That does not mean I consider it a poor decision. The decision was made based on my experience and with the information I had available at the time (and the options presented to me when I spoke with management). And if I ever find myself in a similar situation the experience I gained there will factor into that future decision making process.

Peer #2

I have had a life of bad decision making, especially since I’m in the Navy everything I do can go back to bad decision making. The worse decision making that I have ever had took place when I was on the ship. Before I get into the story I have to tell about my job in the Navy, I work as military police and on the ship we did all of the law enforcement and investigations to try to keep the ship a safe place. During this time, I was in charge of sixty plus sailors doing security, and I had the highest qualification so everything ran through me. Not everyone in security are military police they come from other jobs in the Navy to assist with us. One day we were in the shipyard and we had situation to where a contractor had said some things to a sailor and the sailor was reporting them. So naturally I take the statement and then I go and start doing the other paperwork that is associated with it. When I was about to start the paperwork I delegated one of the other military police and one of the other guys that help out with security to go to the pier and walk around it to see if they can find the contractor and take his statement, and so off they went. About 15 minutes later I recieved a phone call from the base police asking me to meet them out on the outside of the ship so I did. Turns out the two guys that I sent had broken our jurisdiction and left the pier and was in the ship yard looking for this contractor, which is a huge problem, so naturally I try to talk down the severity of it but that did not work and I ended up getting in trouble for those two guys that I sent down to the pier.

The decision making that I used in this situation was delegation or “You assign full decision-making authority to another individual or a group”(Soomo, 2023), because of the fact I could go out there and look for the contractor myself. So I delegated the task to these two guys thinking that they would be okay with walking the pier.

What went wrong was the two guys broke our jurisdiction which was just the pier and nothing else and was in the middle of the shipyard looking for this guy. Overall, it was my bad decision to delegate this task to these two guys because the one military police was brand new to the Navy and the other guy was just helping out with security.

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