neurocognitive disorder essay

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350 word essay on cognitive disorder, the questions below need to be answered

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Lisa brought her mother, June, in to see you for an evaluation because of the family’s concerns over June’s functioning. Over the past few months June has lost interest in many of the things that she used to enjoy and often spends her days watching hours of television. Lisa recently discovered that June has not been paying her bills and it took Lisa hours to understand how June has been managing the household finances and her checkbook. Lisa reported June has always kept very busy, and even though she still has a calendar full of appointments and plans, she often misses her meetings and social engagements. Lisa expressed concern over the fact that June will sometimes call Lisa by her sister’s name before correcting herself. June states there is nothing wrong with her and she is angry Lisa “won’t mind her own business.” She states Lisa and her sister just want to get their hands on June’s money and they’ve even been stealing her jewelry whenever they come to the house. She only agreed to come in for the evaluation to get them to leave her alone.

You plan to refer June for a full neuropsychological evaluation, but in the meantime you suspect that she may be suffering from a neurocognitive disorder.

– What symptoms is June exhibiting that would lead you to the preliminary conclusion that she is suffering from a neurocognitive disorder?

– What other questions would you ask to help determine the existence of other symptoms and to begin to determine the cause of the impairment?

– What are some of the cultural or gender concerns that may impact June’s experience?

– What are the next steps you would recommend to Lisa and June in order to obtain appropriate treatment?

– How can the family and treatment team work with June’s resistance to considering something is wrong?

Your assignment should be at least 350 words

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