New York Institute of Technology Genetic Modification Research Paper

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Activity I  – Do you think genetically modified organisms (GMOs) raise a legitimate  safety hazard? Should government agencies such as the FDA take more  action to require safety testing? Do you think labeling unfairly  stigmatizes GMOs and make consumers question their safety?  

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Activity II –  Categorize the following as a facilitating payment (grease payment), a  bribe or neither of these under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.   Explain why they chose a certain answer.  


  1. Jane  Jones, who works for XYZ Corporation (a U.S. publicly-traded company),  has documents that she needs to clear customs in order to make it to an  important business meeting on time.  She decides to pay the customs  official $500 in order to move to the front of the line.
  2. Same facts as above, but Jane decides to pay the customs official $5000.
  3. Jane gives a steel letter opener with XYZ Corporation imprinted on it to a foreign government official as a gift.
  4. The  country where a major foreign client is based was recently hit by a  devastating earthquake.  Competitors of XYZ Corporation are donating  approximately $150,000 each to foreign relief efforts.  XYZ Corporation  also decides to donate a similar amount.


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