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Everyday we hear stories or read reports about world events. A well-informed reader cannot just accept any information provided; instead a well-informed reader must evaluate multiple sources, identify inaccuracies and bias, and understand who the intended audience is and how this audience affects/effects the message.

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Find two newspaper articles about the same event – one must be a U.S. paper and one must be a paper from any other country – analyze the articles, and explain which is the better piece of writing and why. The writer must work for the newspaper where the article was printed, not for a news agency.

Things to consider for the news comparison:
• who is the primary audience, and how does audience affect the writing – defend your audience analysis with specific examples from the text
• errors in the writing (be ready to prove these are errors)
• author bias (every piece of writing has a bias)
• differences in the information presented (this could be part of bias)
• what type of publication did the stories come from and how does this impact the writing

The two articles must be attached to your essay, and the publication they are from must be clearly identified on the article. This written assignment has a 500-word minimum; slightly longer is fine, but keep it close. Put word count on the last page.

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