ntroduction 25 50 of a typed double spaced page set up the topic speak in general terms about paradigm shifts in science introduce the question that prompted wegener s research thesis question is the development of the plate tectonics theor

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Plate Tectonics as an Example of the Scientific Method

introduction (25 – 50% of a typed, double-spaced page): Set up the topic. Speak in general terms about paradigm shifts in science. Introduce the question that prompted Wegener’s research. THESIS QUESTION: Is the development of the plate tectonics theory a good example of the scientific method? Your answer to this question will be your thesis statement.

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BP #1 (50 – 75%): Describe the scientific paradigm that prevailed before Wegner. Include the problems that came with the old paradigm

BP #2 (50 – 75%): Discuss Wegener’s initial hypothesis of continental drift. How did he arrive at his hypothesis? What questions and ideas did he have?

BP #3 (50 – 75%): Discuss problems that came with Wegener’s hypothesis. How did external research by others (Holmes, for example) rehabilitate Wegener’s hypothesis

BP #4 (50 – 75%): Describe how the hypothesis became the plate tectonic theory.

Conclusion (15 – 25%): Close discussion by telling your reader what the implications of this theory. Suggest why following the scientific method was essential to the process.


  • USE OF READINGS: For this essay, while I DO want you to refer to the facts in the articles, I DO NOT require MLA citation for this essay.
    • NO direct quoting
    • Paraphrase and summarize concepts into your own words
    • Do not attempt to write on a concept you do not 100% understand. Please re-read the text and ask for help if you are struggling with the concepts
  • TONE: Adhere to a formal tone. No slang, no contractions, no “I” POV, no attempts at “humor.”
  • FORMAT: 12 pt. Double space. Acceptable fonts: (Times New Roman, Calibri, Ariel, Helvetica). Page numbers should be at the TOP RIGHT HAND side of the page and should include your last name.

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