Occupational Safety and Health Report

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After reading Chapter 4; and reviewing the various health and safety jobs – Safety Engineer, Industrial Hygienist, Health Physicist, Occupational Physician, Occupational Health Nurse or Risk Manager; search information on that particular job that most interests you and prepare a report. The report should consist of:

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  • You must have one website that you used, and post the URL of your findings; view http://www.osha.gov; and search for role. Other websites maybe used besides the OSHA website. Google the role and find more information. Post the website used.
  • Explain what the role would entail and why you would want to hold that position. This is based on your findings in the textbook, the website you found and why you would want this position. This is an opinion response. You would select this position based on your findings, your beliefs, and desires for a profession. (this assumes that you are all going into the safety and health field)
  • Prepare all of your findings into a two-page report, using proper college English and writing skills.

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